Nvidia: A Near Miss on This Record

Exciting days for Nvidia shareholders: first a 13 percent dip within three days, then a strong rebound, followed by losses again on Thursday. However, any complaints are at the highest level, as the long-term performance is famously fabulous. But not as fabulous as this former superstar.

We are talking about Cisco – the most sought-after stock during the turn-of-the-millennium market boom. Market analyst Charlie Bilello posted on X the performance from 1995 to the record high in 2000: 3,520 percent. That’s even better than what Nvidia has achieved on the stock market in the past five years, namely 3,440 percent to the record high of $140.76.

The big difference between the two stocks: the valuation. Nvidia currently has a P/E ratio of 35 for 2025/26, while Cisco was valued at a profit multiple of 201 back then! This means the Nvidia stock price could potentially sextuple if the market goes into full euphoria and really overreacts. However, as it stands now, this is very unlikely.

However, Nvidia stock still has noteworthy potential even after the super rally. Jefferies analyst Blayne Curtis sees it this way too, raising his price target from $135 to $150. “Nvidia is still the king in the industry,” says Curtis. For him, the stock remains a clear buy. Atif Malik shares this view. The Citi analyst has now raised his price target for Nvidia from $126 to $150 as well. The highest price target still comes from Hans Mosesmann of Rosenblatt Securities: he trusts Nvidia to reach $200.

The lid should not be closed on Nvidia just yet. The valuation is acceptable, growth is strong, and Nvidia is still a good way ahead of the competition in chip quality. The stock, with which AKTIONÄR readers are up 830 percent, remains a buy.